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Subscribe & Save

Don’t run out of your product! Put your favorite products on subscription and save 10% plus free shipping!

Who is eligible to Subscribe & Save?

Subscriptions are available to retail customers, living in the United States (Lower 48), with an account in our store. If you are a Practitioner living in the United States (Lower 48), you can set up auto-ship only; no additional discounts are available.

How often can I receive my products?

Most products are available in 1 month, 45 days, 2 months, and 3 month intervals.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

To update your product intervals, shipping/billing address and credit card information, you will login to your account, and click My Subscriptions. Please note that if you update any information at the account level, it will change the information on your subscriptions. You will need to change it in both places.

How long does it take to reiceve my subscription products?

The standard free shipping available on subscriptions can take 1-7 business days. If you would like the order quicker, you would need to contact us within 24 hours of your subscription order being placed to get you an accurate shipping price. You will be responsible for all shipping costs if you elect for priority shipping options.

What happens if my product is out of stock or discontinued?

On occasion we run out of stock or discontinue an item you are subscribed to.

In the case of a product being out of stock, we will notify you of this, and give an estimated date of when the product will be back in stock. We will work with you to adjust your subscription and determine a solution.

In the case a product is discontinued, we will notify you and give you alternative or replacement products you can swap.

Am I able to cancel my subscription?

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time before your subscription is processed. If you cancel your subscription once the product has been shipped, it is subject to our Return Policies .

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