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Our Philosophy

We don’t have opinions about what works. We have facts. Decades of robust data and experience has given us a unique understanding of what works for whom. This is what we know:

Strength is everything™. Health begins with strength. Performance begins with strength. Endurance begins with strength. Virtually every movement and improvement an athlete seeks begins with strength. Strength is the pillar around which all other performance goals pivot. And whatever your performance ambitions, no one understands the value of strength better than us.

Everyone is an athlete. We have helped some shave milliseconds off world records, and others drop a few pounds—but the human body is a machine that responds predictably and positively when you do the right things.

Train the trainers. There is too much misinformation about fitness out there. We are building a network of knowledgeable, trustworthy, highly effective certified trainers that you can count on.

Anyone can do it. Not everyone does. Attaining your goal can often be simple. But it is never easy. We will show you the path, not the destination—that’s on you.

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