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Education Programs

We are known for the fitness education company we began as. We are the only providers of our flagship certifications, PICP and BioSignature. Since 2006, we have built on these certifications to provide the opportunity of premier education to anyone, no matter their background.



The PICP Certifications are based are the concept of Structural Balance. In order to perform at your best, whether a world-class athlete or just beginning your strength training journey, your body’s strength needs to be in balance. Strength in one area causes weaknesses in another.

The purpose of the PICP Level 1 & 2 Certifications are to teach you the PICP strength, movement and flexibility assessments, for the upper and lower body, used to evaluate your athletes and clients so you can build a plan for success. That plan for success is program design. The courses teach you over 300 exercises and variations to being using in the programs you design for your clients. Interpreting the assessment results, knowing your starting point, and creating programs are just the beginning!

The advanced PICP Level 3-5 Certifications are unique in their own rights. To achieve each of these levels, not only would you need to attend the respective courses, but you are required to show that your PICP Education is pushing your athletes to the next level in national, international, and world venues. Over the years, we have had the honor of giving at least 25 coaches the highest certification, PICP Level 5. The coaches have coached athletes who have won World Championships and Olympic medals.

PICP Level 3 & 4 courses are topic-driven that will help you improve the art of program design and going further into areas of strength and performance. Some of the topics include Short- and Long-Term Periodization, Recovery Methods, Training Implements, Injury Rehab/Prehab, and Energy Systems.

Poliquin® Personal Training

Along with our PICP Certification that is geared towards strength coaches, we launched the Poliquin® Personal Training Certification in 2014. We designed the PT certification specifically for trainers who are just starting out in the industry and those trainers who work out of commercial gyms and have limited space and time with clients.

The movement and mobility assessments taught in the Personal Training course require very little equipment and can be done practically anywhere so no matter how busy the gym may be, you are able to evaluate a client.

Just like PICP, our education focuses around program design and knowing which exercises to use and how to build a program from the assessments.


BioSignature Modulation

Like research, BioSignature has evolved through the years and we are currently teaching Applied BioSignature Transformations. Using the BioSignature 12-site body fat assessment, the goal is to use this as a progress tracker and while working on the key components to any successful body transformations: nutrition, training, lifestyle factors and supplementation. Your learn how to take your clients step-by-step through transformation process while still allowing them to feel like they can still live a "normal lifee" while working on a fat loss goal.

Integrative Health Profile

Life is not always about fat loss or getting the best physique possible. Sometimes, you only want to wake up with energy, or have a restful night sleep. Dr. Eric Serrano and Eoin lacey have developed this course to help trainers and coaches understand the hormones that affect our health and what you can do to help your clients.

Trainers learn how to assess their clients using questionnaires and identifying non-invasive physical markers that may be indicating an untold story about the client's health. From the assessments, learn how to use, lifestyle modifications and tricks, nutrition, training, and supplementation based on areas of improvement.

This course does not give medical advice, treat, or diagnose


Program Design Series

The key to results in the gym is how well you can write a program. There are many factors, like the relationship between reps, sets, rest, tempo, and strength qualities, that need to be taken into account and often overlooked. These courses take you through the foundation knoweldge you need to get started.

Performance & Recovery

Performance is only as good as your recovery. You learn to understand what your body goes through when you stress your body with exercise and how to maximize your recovery.

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